Qualifications For Congress

Old-school fiscal conservative Republican like Senator Everett Dirksen, William Buckley “Firing Line” and the National Review.  

Bachelor of Law, Juris Doctor, Georgia trial attorney for 40 years. United States Supreme Court Bar Member.  Woodrow Wilson College of Law. 

Author of "An Emotional Libretto" and published poet.

1984 congressional candidate, proposing an equal tax to replace our IRS tax code to increase revenue, reduce taxes, uplift the disadvantaged with training, eliminate tax incentives, special interests, oil depreciations allowances, farm supports, replace food stamps with food and the evil associated with government dispensing any favoritism in favor of equality.




Howard Stopeck for Congress


United States House of Representatives  


Fifth District Of Georgia  




623 Orme Circle, NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30306


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